Lisa Ellefson

Thanks to a childhood spent building forts, playing in streams and hunting for treasure in the Pacific Northwest, I have long had an eye for the magic of natural beauty. To some extent, living out in the boonies fueled my creativity and forced me to get comfortable with my imagination and everything it inspired in me. I have been creating since I was a small girl—from birthday cards made of newspaper comics to photo shoots with my California Raisin figures, I have always felt at home in the creative process. Giving life to an idea or a daydream is what keeps me going as an artist. My trusty camera is a constant companion, giving me the remarkable ability to capture those images and moments of life that not everyone notices at first. Even better, the editing process allows me to turn up the magic! It is my hope that Nostalgia Captured will stir something within you… that it will remind you of something warm and lovely from your past, or simply that there is still so much beauty to be seen.