The Women's League Flea Market and Fieldhouse Full of Awesome Stuff

Well what can you expect from a name like that! (awesomeness!) I love doing this show mostly because I get to hang out with some vendors I don't get to see a lot. This year all my favorites were there and some new ones too! I had a pretty good day hanging out with my art partner Darcy Goedecke! We shared a booth and you can't help but be inspired by all her creations!

This year I told myself I had a limited budget and shouldn't buy too much. Did I listen to myself? No! It is amazing to me what other makers create. I love supporting other artists because I know it just keeps them going and everyone I purchase from I definitely want to see around for a long time. Plus buying from small businesses just makes me feel good, and having it be something I love, can't beat that!

I walked around in the morning snapping some photos of some of these amazing small businesses. Take a look and give them support if you feel inspired to do so!

The vendors pictured are:

Darcy Goedecke, Atlas Past, Pepper Pot Polish, KV Apothecary, Libertine Tacoma Gourmet, C. Bee Designs and Lucy Nilan.